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Armed Cartel Thugs Kidnap And Beat 11 Police Officers

Matt M. Miller | Contributor

Cartel gunmen ambushed and kidnapped 11 Mexican police officers over the weekend in Juan Galindo, Puebla, Mexico. They were reportedly held at gunpoint for 24 hours and beaten by the cartel members.

The police officers were patrolling the town of Necaxa in two SUVs, and had just responded to an attempted gasoline theft when they were confronted by the group of gunman who ordered them to exit their vehicles and kneel on the ground. The gunmen then proceeded to confiscate the officers weapons before beating them, Fox News reports.

The officers were reportedly held for 24 hours by the group of attackers.

The 11 officers were released Sunday by the gunman near a highway in the Mexico City area after authorities launched a search for them. Their weapons and SUVs were not returned to Puebla state police, but instead were kept by the attackers. (RELATED: Revealed: Mexican Drug Cartel Members Use This Simple Trick To Evade Border Patrol)

The region where the police officers were taken is known for its high rates of kidnapping and drug/cartel activity. The area is home to a hydroelectric power plant and fuel pipelines as well as the highway which is used dailRead More – Source


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