Lidl bring back their famous Wagyu beef burgers

They certainly are deluxe (Picture: Lidl)

Back in August last year, we all rejoiced that Lidl had brought out their Wagyu beef burgers, for a fraction of the price of what youd normally pay.

Packs of two of the exceptionally juicy burgers were just £3.49, when you could normally expect to pay upwards of £500 for a kilo of the Japanese meat at the butcher.

Considered to be the caviar of the beef world, Wagyu beef is reared to exacting standards, with some of the cows fed special diets to ensure they get a level of fat marbling.

While this is all well and good for the cows, it also means youll get extremely tender meat, as the fat cooks down and keeps things moist.

Back when they first launched, Joshua Smith, Head of Meat Buying at Lidl UK, said, We decided to launch our Deluxe Wagyu Beef Steak Burgers on National Burger Day to give customers a delicious reason to celebrate.

Lidl Croll bun
Pop it in a Croll (Picture: Lidl_

Were passionate about giving our customers the ingredients to create their own high-end foodie experiences from the comfort of their own homes.



So, if you want to impress the barbecue snobs at your next garden party, these might be the exact thing for it.

The burgers are still £3.49 for two, and are available from today until stocks last.

Youve probably seen how quickly Lidls limited edition things go, so it might be worth stocking up just now.

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