Move over flat white, the porridge latte could be the next big thing

Porridge lattes could be coming to coffee shops near you (Picture: Getty)

Whether it be matcha, turmeric or pumpkin-spiced, one thing is certain – we simply cant get enough of flavoured lattes.

But we could be seeing more of a new latte flavour, with a breakfast-inspired twist.

Yes, the porridge latte could soon be a thing in coffee shops across the country.

Most of us will have ordered both a bowl of porridge and a latte for breakfast, but the new coffee trend involves merging the two for an inventive caffeinated-treat.

Whats more, the new creative drink can be easily made with ingredients often found at home.

The porridge (or oatmeal) latte is a mix between breakfast and a beverage and is great for grabbing on-the-go.

The unique beverage-meets-breakfast creation was first published on Bon Appetite back in 2015, dubbing the porridge latte as a healthy, fast, and homemade option.



It involves steaming milk to create foam and cook the oats at the same time. A shot of double espresso is then added and voila –

Four years on and the new latte seems to have picked up momentum, with places such as Starbucks rumoured to have featured it on their secret breakfast menu.

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Those looking to give the breakfast hybrid a go for themselves can find the super-easy recipe at, which can be adapted depending on how much coffee is required.

The recipe, which features granola and nuts as a suggested a crunchy topping, also states that the homemade recipe can be changed to suit personal taste.

Much like regular porridge and coffees, the type of milk can also be altered, depending on preference.

To sip or to spoon though, that is the question.

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