Commission mobilizes €1B to global coronavirus response

The European Commission is mobilizing €1 billion toward developing vaccines, medicines and diagnostics for coronavirus, President Ursula von der Leyen said as she opened a global online pledging event shes hosting today.

Von der Leyen did not specify how much of the amount was new, given that the Commission has already committed money to the fight against the virus that has shut down most of Europe and the world.

The Commission aims to raise €7.5 billion today, but is accepting pledges already made since January 30, when the World Health Organization declared the new coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern.

“The Fourth of May 2020 will mark a turning point in our fight against coronavirus because today the world is coming together,” von der Leyen said. “Im delighted to get the ball rolling … the European Commission mobilizes €1 billion for the coronavirus global response.”

Tens of countries from around the world are expected to pledge money today, with one notable absence: the United States.

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