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Covid-19: ‘We don’t have a strategy of herd immunity,’ Swedish FM tells FRANCE 24

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Sweden's Foreign Minister Ann Linde spoke to FRANCE 24 about the Covid-19 pandemic and the specific approach put in place in her country – avoiding lockdown and relying on trust and discipline. She also discussed the issues of EU borders and European solidarity.


"We don't have a strategy of herd immunity," Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde told FRANCE 24 when asked about her country's specific approach to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"What is in our strategy is that we don't want to stop all transmission; we want to flatten the curve. And that we have managed (…) And for example there is still around 20 percent of the intensive care places that is free. And that means that even if it's very hard hit, the healthcare system has been able to put up with this enormous pressure," Linde explained.

"We recommended (to) people not to go to the most populRead More – Source




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