Hamilton backs protesters who tore down statue of slave trader

While the scenes have been criticized by members of the UK government — Home Secretary Priti Patel told Sky News that the incident was 'utterly disgraceful' — six-time world champion Hamilton wrote in an Instagram story that "our country honored a man who sold African slaves."Protesters used ropes to rip down the monument of Colston, a local merchant who made the bulk of his fortune from the slave trade in the late 1600s, before dragging it to Bristol's harbor and throwing it into the water.His statue had stood in the city since 1895, but its presence had become increasingly controversial."All statues of racist men who made money from selling a human being should be torn down! Which one is next?" said the British F1 star, who has frequently spoken out eloquently and passionately on the issue of racial injustice, particularly since the death of George Floyd.READ: LeBron James calls out Fox News host Laura Ingraham for defense of Drew Brees

'I challenge government'

In another post to his Instagram story, the 35-year-old challenged "government officials worldwide to make these changes and implement the peaceful removal of these racist symbols."The Museums of Bristol website said Colston had been "an active member of the governing body of the RAC [Royal African Company], which traded in enslaved Africans, for 11 years."READ: US tennis star feels some people don't want black players to succeedAcross the world, protesters packed streets for the second consecRead More – Source




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