McDonald’s sad tweet about happy meals causes concern among fans: ‘Do you need help?’

Fast-food normally doesn’t invoke deep thoughts.

On social media, many fast-food chains apparently want their accounts to be more than just advertisements for new products and specials. On Twitter, multiple chains will post absurd comments and jokes, likely in an attempt to stand out among the social media crowd. McDonald’s often posts silly comments, but a recent one had fans asking if everything was OK.
On Twitter, McDonald’s posted, “One day you ordered a Happy Meal for the last time and you didn’t even know it.” Since Happy Meals are meant for children and grown-ups typically order from the full menu, the tweet is technically true. Still, it apparently invoked certain feelings of mortality amongst the fast-food chain’s fans.
The message appeared to stir up some emotions, with one fan responding, “Don’t make me cry.” Another user added, “I’m actually shook at this.” Yet another wrote, “I was not planning to cry today but thank you.”

“Look, do you need help? I’m concerned for you,” wrote another.
“You didn’t have to hurt me like that, man,” one fan said. “That hit different.”

Of course, some users had a more positive outlook. While it’s true that everyone eventually outgrows the happy meal, those people often grow up to have kids of their own. As one user explained, “But someday you order another for your children or grandchildren.”
On the other hand, it turns out that there are plenty of people who continue to order happy meals well into their adulthood. Users offered a variety of reasons for this, with one posting, “I still have a happy meal because the regular meals are too big.”


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