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Remedies for frizzy hair

Most people with curly hair will relate to this – How many times have you noticed your hair looking like a bird’s nest, Even minutes after combing them and using tons of products? But, don’t worry; you are not alone in this. Most people avoid treating this frizziness, which is caused by dryness, by blaming it on the texture of their hair. However, this can be tackled by a little bit of extra effort and trying out DIYs! Given below are some DIY techniques to tame frizzy hair:
1. Avocado hair mask
This fruit is full of vitamins that will help straighten your hair and provide moisture to your dull or dry hair, which can eventually get frizzy. Creating an avocado mask requires you to mash a ripe avocado and mix with a few spoons of coconut oil, depending on the consistency. Then, after applying this on your hair and scalp roughly twice a week religiously, you will see the results!
A hair mask made out of mayonnaise is one of the best options to tame frizzy hair. It provides a beautiful layer of shine to your hair and provides hydration as well. This hair mask can be made as a smooth paste of mayonnaise, almond oil, and eggs. This should be applied twice a week on your hair and scalp for great results.
3. Lemon and honey
Some people call lemon a miracle fruit, which is rich in vitamin C. This combination works wonders for people. Honey keeps the moisture locked in and results in shiny, silky hair. It should be applied for 30 minutes on the scalp and hair in the ratio of 3:2 once every two weeks, and in the meantime, other hair masks should also be applied. This remedy shows promising results.
4. Beer
Besides being everyone’s drink preference, it is also everyone’s first preference while talking about solutions for frizzy hair. It has tons of vitamins and proteins that can nourish dry and unhealthy hair. This is why beer shampoos are so commonly found. It can be used by letting it decarbonate overnight and massaging it on shampooed scalp and hair. Following it once in two weeks should do the trick!
5. Aloe vera
There are amino acids in Aloe Vera that promote shine and growth, and therefore helps tame frizzy hair. In addition, it works well as a de-tangler and helps by locking in moisture. Equal proportions of aloe vera and almond oil can be left on hair and scalp for over an hour to see the results.
6. Banana
Mash a banana to a point where there are no lumps to be seen, then add honey and oil to create a paste that is to be kept on hair for 30 minutes. This is to be done for hair that is extremely frizzy, once a week.
Inputs by Khadi Natural Health Care.

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