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People are not impressed with New Look’s juicing themed night shirt :-: Metro


People are not impressed with New Look's juicing themed night shirt
(Picture: New Look/

Another day, another brand getting called out.

In the midst of insensitive Halloween costumes and bizarre customer relations from a fitness class, New Look is getting bashed for one of their night shirts.

The night shirt, currently in the sale section for £5, reads: ‘My heart says donuts but my jeans say juicing’.

You know, because if your jeans are tight, you should be juicing, apparently, despite quite a bit of research suggesting that juicing is not a healthy approach to losing weight, acting as a quick-fix fast that can lead to sugar spikes and fainting. Fun.

The night shirt has been called out on Twitter, by people who really aren’t that keen on their pyjamas telling them that the tightness of their jeans should indicate the need for an extreme diet.

Some people are suggesting that the top could be encouraging of eating disorders, or triggering to those suffering from eating disorders, as the slogan appears to recommend restrictive, faddy juicing diets.

We’ve reached out to New Look for comment, and will update this story when we hear back.

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