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byDylan Gwinn17 Oct 20170

Colin Kaepernick either was invited to attend the league meetings with the players on Tuesday, or he wasn’t. Unless he wasn’t, which means he totally could have. All those scenarios seem to be in play in this insane story.

On Tuesday afternoon, Colin Kaepernick’s Attorney Mark Geragos issued a statement saying that Colin Kaepernick had not been invited to the meetings. Which, is not surprising considering Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL. Geragos also said that the players had wanted Kaepernick there.

Geragos tweeted:

“Colin Kaepernick was not invited to attend today’s meeting by any official from the NFL or any team executives. Other players wanted him present and have asked that he attend the next meeting with the goal of forging a lasting and faithful consensus around these issues. Mr. Kaepernick is open to future participation on these important discussions.”

Later Tuesday afternoon, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins confirmed that Kaepernick had been invited, but didn’t know why he chose not to attend. Then, Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports reported that Kaepernick had been invited but didn’t want to be a distraction.

This reporting suggests that Kaepernick and his attorney have had a failure to communicate. Let’s assume for a second, that Kaepernick was invited by the players but not the league. If that’s the case, then why didn’t Kaepernick tell his lawyer he didn’t want to go for fear of becoming a distraction? Geragos seems to take the lack of an invite from the league as an insult, and wants in on future meetings.

Wouldn’t Kaepernick be an even bigger distraction then?

Why wouldn’t Kaepernick want a seat at the table to represent the movement he started? Also, what is this nonsense about Kaepernick not wanting to be a distraction? This is the same guy who took a football game, and turned it into a display of gratuitous leftist activism. Colin Kaepernick can be accused of many things. One thing he cannot be accused of, is fear of becoming a distraction.

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