These are the most Instagrammable food trends from around the world :-: Metro


These are the most Instagrammable food trends from around the world
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Love it or hate it, the ‘foodstagram’ is here to stay.

While the idea of snapping your lunch before you tuck in might be enough to put some people off their meal entirely, it’s impossible to ignore the sheer volume of foodie Instagram posts.

From lush looking salads and #cleaneating bowls, to ‘food porn’ piles of meat, cheese and grease, there’s something for everyone to drool over online.

But what, you may wonder, are the best dishes for racking up the ‘likes’? Finally, we have the answer.

A new study, commissioned by Heathrow Airport, has identified the world’s top locations for foodstagramming. What’s more, they’ve dug a little deeper too, picking out the top foodie trend in each place.

Behold: the greatest foodie Instagrams you’ll ever see.

New York – Egg waffle ice cream cones

Originally hailing from Hong Kong under the name ‘gai daan zai’, these bubble-filled, jumbo size waffle cones are perfect for the mega sweet tooth in all of us.

Toronto – Charcoal pizza

The Canadian city du jour has hopped on the charcoal health food trend with a decidedly devilish new twist – charcoal crust pizza.

L.A. – Frosé

The frosty take on ‘pink wine’ is a big hit in California, perhaps due to the millennial pink hue, perhaps due to the fact that it’s essentially a boozy slushie.

Hong Kong – Dim sum

One of Hong Kong’s most famous regional dishes, the little pale nuggets of flavour as a huge Instagram hit.

Singapore – Raindrop cake

Now here’s a weird one – this ‘cake’ looks like a massive ball of water, but is instead made of seaweed agar. Don’t take too long to get that Insta-snap though – if you don’t scoff it within half an hour, it melts into a puddle. Sounds… stressful.

Miami – Vaca frita con moros

Translated into the brilliantly to-the-point ‘fried cow’, this shredded beef dish is classic Cuban fare, updated for the modern world of street food.

Rome – Negronis

The iconic cocktail is everywhere in the Italian capital.

Paris – Steak tartare

Another culinary classic, you can find this French staple in almost any eatery around Paris’ knotted streets.

Madrid – Fideuà

An upgraded version of a classic paella, this takes the rice out and replaces it with pasta noodles.

Edinburgh – Jackfruit

The versatile vegan staple is used in everything from curries to pulled ‘pork’, and Edinburgh’s got hundreds of varieties to try.

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Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re booking a flight or ten.

We’ve got some foodstagramming to do.

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