Kinder Eggs are finally going to be available in the US

Kinder Eggs are finally going to be available in the US
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Kinder Eggs are one of man’s greatest achievements.

Not only are they absolutely delicious but the element of genuine surprise and anticipation of finding a crappy little plastic toy in the middle is unreplicable.

But over in America, they’ve got no idea what it feels like to open one of those orange plastic capsules.

They don’t know utter joy that comes from putting together a very cheap toy that is still covered in chocolatey residue.

That is, until now.

Because the FDA has finally approved the eggs being sold stateside.

They were first banned under a 1938 law which forbids the sale of food items containing potential non-edible choking hazards. The FDA outlawed Kinder Eggs in the 1970s.

What the hell.

But now, Ferraro International have finally worked out how to bypass that legislation by creating the Kinder Joy.

According to Delish, the Kinder Joy is two separate eggs – one which contains a toy and the other which has chocolate cream and two crispy wafer balls with a small spoon.

Ok so it’s not the Kinder Suprise we all know and love but it’s a step in the right direction.

They’ll be on sale in Walmart starting on Black Friday and are expected to be rolled out to other retails sometime in December.

Things are looking up for America after all.

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