Artist launches airline that guarantees you will ‘fly with happiness’

Want to jet off to the best biennales of 2018? Try Angelhaha: the world’s first artist airline will fly passengers direct to shows and exhibitions around the world – for a price

Could an artist create the perfect air travel experience? Chinese-American artist and choreographer Qinmin Liu believes she can. Her new airline, Angelhaha airlines, will, from December, carry passengers to art events around the world, guaranteeing the “most positive energy” to its customers in the process. It’s a bold claim but as the airline’s slogan promises: “Fly with Angelhaha. Fly with happiness.”

The maiden flight will take off on 6 December – flying to Miami for the city’s Art Basel event – from New York on a small private jet seating just nine passengers. At the time of writing four seats are still available, with one-way tickets from $2,700-$3,500 (perhaps making it more suitable for those with the budgets to invest in art, too).

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