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Target Debuts New Line of Swimsuits with Ads Free of Reshaping or Airbrushing

Target is continuing their promise to keep swimsuit ads free of reshaping or airbrushing with their 2018 campaign.

The shopping megastore debuted their new line of suits — with over 1,700 different styles — and stayed away from overly editing their models. Target says in a press release that its all part of their goal to celebrate womens bodies.

“To show off the new styles youll see bright, vibrant images throughout our marketing campaign — all meant to inspire guests to have fun while rocking their favorite swimsuit,” they announced. “Something you wont see? Reshaping or airbrushing. Building on the strong foundation we set with last years campaign, were celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”

Target first went airbrushing-free with their 2017 swimsuit ads, which featured model and body activist Denise Bidot, dancer Megan Batoon, pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto and TV host and model Kamie Crawford.

This came after the brand was mocked for a photoshop flub in 2014 on a swimsuit model. The badly-done editing left the model with an extra-long arm, and a missing hip and crotch.

Clothing brand Aerie was notably the first major company to eliminate retouching on their ads in 2014.

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