Watch The Waffle House Hero Meet Dwayne Wade In Heart-Warming Moment [VIDEO]

James Shaw Jr.s selfless act of heroism during a Waffle House shooting in Nashville, TN has been dominating headlines for several weeks.

Shaw Jr., whos now known as the Waffle House Hero, singlehandedly wrestled a gun out of an active shooters hands and potentially saved many lives.

James Shaw Jr. has raised over $165K for the families of the Waffle House shooting victims. A true American hero!

— USAF #VetsResistSquadron (@Goss30Goss) April 26, 2018

Shaw Jr.s heroism goes far beyond the Waffle House, though. After the shooting, he promptly set up a GoFundMe to assist the victims families and continues to insist that he is not a hero.

“Im not a hero. Im just a regular person,” he said, remarking that he went to church immediately after the shooting.

But Ellen DeGeneres seems to think otherwise. Calling him a “brave man,” during her show on Wednesday, DeGeneres asked Shaw Jr. what the two most important things were to him.

First, Shaw mentioned his daughter. And second, Shaw revealed that hes a huge fan of basketball.

When he told Ellen that his favorite player was Dwayne Wade, she surprised him by bring Wade into the studio to meet him.

“I know you dont want to be called a hero, but I look at you as an American hero,” Dwayne Wade told him after a massive applause. “When I sit down with my kids, and I talk to them about role models, who I want them to look up to, I would tell them to look up to James Shaw, Jr.”

It must be a pretty incredible feeling to have your sports idol tell his kids that he wants them to look up to you. Theres absolutely no way that society could repay Shaw Jr. for his heroic actions on April 22, but this is certainly a start.

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