Subway is testing out a meatless version of their meatball sub

Look at that saucy goodness (Picture: Subway)

Attention, plant-based pals.

If youve ever headed into Subway and had a real hankering for marinara sauce, only to remember that meatballs are made of, well, meat, youre in for some glorious news.

Over in the US, Subway is finally testing out a vegetarian version of their meatball sub, made with plant-based faux meat created by Beyond Meat.

Yes, that is a lot of meat in a sentence about something meat-free.

Basically, the vegetarian version of the sandwich will have meat-free, vegetarian versions of meatballs, smothered in marinara sauce and nestled in a cosy bread bed.

Its not vegan, though, as the sandwich includes both parmesan and provolone cheese.

Subway does have a vegan option (the veggie patty), but if youre desperate for your fake meat to come in ball form, dairy-free people will be out of luck.

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In further bad news, the veggie meatball sub, called the Beyond Meatball Marinara, isnt yet available in the UK.

For now its being tested in the US, and will only be available for a limited time starting in September.

Its safe to assume that if its a smash success, Subway would likely expand the offering to all its stores. So let us cross our fingers and hope our American vegetarians rush to queue up so we can one day have a Read More – Source