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Coronavirus crisis: Reshaping Europes farming sector (part 2)

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The coronavirus crisis has shaken Europe at every level – including the farm sector. This special show takes a look at how European farmers have played a key role in providing food for citizens across the EU during lockdown – but also how European agriculture is facing serious challenges posed by Covid-19.


What impact will Covid-19 have on Europes farmers? Already, weve seen the enforced constraints change consumer habits, as shoppers and suppliers are forced to choose more local produce. And while farmers have met growing demand from a locked-down population, they have had to deal with the sudden loss of mobile casual labour from around Europe. Amid the crisis, Europes farmers have demonstrated their 'essential' value, re-emerging from the background as citizens recognise the need to get food.

Our reporters Karim Yahiaoui and Anaïs GRead More – Source




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