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Arrest Warrant Issued For Former DF Public Security Secretary By Union’s Attorney General

The agency also called for the immediate eviction of federal public buildings.

The Attorney General’s Office (AGU) sent this Sunday to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) a petition requesting a series of judicial measures in response to the anti-democratic acts that took place on Sunday, January 8, 2023, in Brasília. Among the requests is the arrest in flagrante delicto of the former Secretary of Public Security of the Federal District, Anderson Torres, exonerated by Governor Ibaneis Rocha.

In addition to Torres, the AGU requested the arrest of other public agents responsible for acts and omissions. The former Secretary of Public Security is traveling to Florida (USA) and would have anticipated his return to Brazil. The petition was filed with inquiries 4,781 and 4,874, which are being processed by the STF and investigate anti-democratic acts.

According to The AGU

According to the AGU, the requests are based on the serious violation of the democratic order and the urgent need to minimize the damage caused to social peace and the democratic rule of law.

The AGU also called for the immediate evacuation of all federal public buildings across the country and the dissolution of anti-democratic acts carried out in the vicinity of barracks and other military units. The government asked the STF to authorize the use of all public security forces in the Federal District and states.

The body asked the STF to determine the interruption of the monetization of profiles on social networks that encouraged the attempted depredation of public buildings. Telecommunications companies, in particular cell phone companies, must store, for 90 days, sufficient connection records for the identification and geolocation of users who are in the vicinity of Praça dos Três Poderes and the Army Headquarters in Federal District.

Competent Authorities

The AGU also asked the Supreme Court to determine to the competent authorities the investigation and civil and criminal responsibility of those responsible for the illegal acts, including public agents, in addition to carrying out expertise and other acts necessary for the collection of evidence.

The seizure of all vehicles and other goods used for transport and organization of criminal acts was also requested. It will be up to the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) to keep a record of all vehicles linked to today’s acts that entered the DF between January 5th and 8th.

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