Ranking the 20 Serie A shirts from worst to best

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that football shirts are everywhere. On the catwalk, on celebs, on the street. Therefore, having a nice shirt is not only a source of pride for a club, but also an opportunity to be recognized, and to be liked. It applies to everyone, whether we are talking about a team fighting for the Scudetto or one that is jostling to avoid relegation. Serie A is no exception. Here are all the twenty home shirts of the teams in the 2022/23 championship, from worst to best.

20. Spice. With all those sponsors, the players from La Spezia look like itinerant flyers.

19. Lecce. 

18. Monza. First time in Serie A, a glittering market, the arrivals of Caprari, Cragno, Sensi and Pessina, the return of the Berlusconi-Galliani duo in the football that counts.

17. Empoli. It’s Empoli, beauty, few words, many facts. A perfect shirt for the understatement of the club, and that’s fine. Blue everywhere, solid and punctual. Even this year, it should be enough for salvation (even in an aesthetic sense).

16. Salernitana. A hair above the relegation zone, even in terms of shirts: if Salernitana does it again this year, it’s a Hollywood colossal. For now, things are going exactly like this with the arrival of Memo Ochoa in goal, it would also be easy to elect them as the cult team of the championship.

15. Naples. Aurelio De Laurentiis said Napoli fans should expect twelve or thirteen shirts. Provided they didn’t end up largely in the first one that rainbow of blue on the sleeves is quite out of tune with the rest. Never as in this case is the rule of less is more valid.

14. Cremona. After 15 games, the Lombard team still hasn’t won once.

13. Turin. We have the grenade, the rampant bull on the chest, a collar that makes a discreet impression. In short, the Torino fans can’t complain. At least, not as much for the club market.

12. Fiorentina. It’s the debut shirt of the new logo, more compact, less old-fashioned. The shirts, on the other hand, try to experiment with those repeated cadence graphics on the uniform, tone on tone. Good result, but with unexpressed potential.

11. Atalanta. 

10. Lazio. After about twenty years, the Japanese brand is back in the running, in partnership with Lazio, a simple shirt, so as not to annoy the more traditionalist fans first impressions are everything.

9. Inter. A return to the essentials, after zig-zags and snake skins. A choice that makes traditional purists happy. Less those who expected something innovative as it had been in recent years.

8. Juventus. The question of Juventus fans every year is what will the stripes look like on the shirt? On a scale that goes from disturbing to admirable, the pattern of small triangles is positioned in the middle you can do better. A bit like reinforcements in midfield.

7. Sampdoria. Copy and paste for the next one hundred and fifty years and you will have done a great job. You can never go wrong with Sampdoria, there must be a reason why so many media, mostly foreign, have chosen the Blucerchiati uniform as the most beautiful in the world.

6. Bologna. If you’ve been hovering between 10th and 15th in the table for seven seasons, without an iota of drama, what can you do to excite your fans? A jersey they feel proud of, of course. Glossy effect, bright colours, a uniform that exudes passion whether it’s 1950 or 2030, this is a uniform that will never lose its charm.

5. Sassuolo. A jersey with all the elements in the right place, without smudging, also trying to innovate the idea of ​​interrupting the stripes, the upper black band, the sleeves, all stylistic choices that work.

4. Verona. Simple and clean, a beautiful full blue that goes perfectly with the yellow details. If he had the Canon sponsor on his chest, Verona fans could even think about the Scudetto.

3. Udinese. Spatial design that partially recalls the uniform of the 1997/98 season, V-neck, sleeves that perfectly incorporate the stripes and close elegantly. After all, the Friulian team started with its foot on the accelerator, caressing areas of the highest rankings in short, the tribute is not only aesthetic, but also football, when Zaccheroni’s Udinese was among the most interesting teams in the championship.

2. Rome. The carmine and gold of Rome packaged in a flawless shirt. New Balance’s work this year seems to go in that direction to recall the mythical past of the Eternal City. The collar with button closure is a gem.

1. Milan. The tricolor piping on the sleeves had been designed well before the Reggio Emilia scudetto party. Yet they match perfectly with the patch of champions of Italy on the chest. The predominance of black works, especially in combination with shorts and socks. Elegant and Milanese, definitely promoted.

This article was originally published on GQ (Italiana Edition)

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