Everything you need to know to shave properly even private parts

It is important to approach the care of the private parts slowly and with awareness, considering that the skin underneath is thin, even more so than the precious eye contour of the face. So follow these tips to do it right, and you should come out unscathed.

Why shave your private parts?

There aren’t actually many reasons why you should shave down there, as it usually doesn’t grow a lot of hair. You could give it a thinning to reduce perspiration and the onset of bacteria, when the hair is excessive, on the other hand, there is the risk of giving off a bad smell. However, shaving there is still primarily an aesthetic decision. Some men and their female partners prefer everything silky smooth. Yes, but how to do it?

Get the right tools

When it comes to men’s intimate hair removal, one cannot simply use the same razor that is used for the face. You need something suitable for the task and for this reason the advice is to opt for an electric beard trimmer or a safety razor for the body. They are less risky tools than a normal razor blade, with more smoothness, which prevents cuts and ingrown hairs. An electric trimmer will cut the hair very close to the skin without tearing the surface, so you get the look and feel of smoothness but under there the hair is generally thin, sparse and brittle, and therefore you won’t feel the same stringy texture as if you’ve shaved your pubis, armpits or beard. A safety razor will minimize skin drag and shave with a single blade instead of 3 or 5. You should probably learn how to shave your face with a safety razor before trying on the scrotum anyway. There is a method to do it right.

Pre-cut the area

You still need that trimmer, even if you intend to shave with a razor. It’s time to thin out all intimate hair ideally to less than a centimeter, to shave them more easily. It’s the same reason why you can’t just start trimming a beard with a razor, you first need to shorten it, with the trimmer, and then be able to shave it completely with the razor.

Take a hot shower

Just like with your face, you need to warm up the skin on your genitals and prepare it for shaving. The skin, with the heat, relaxes, and the blood flow is stimulated (even in the private parts) so that they are soft and flexible to shave. It is also necessary to open the pores before applying the razor to the skin, an excellent trick to facilitate hair cutting. Once everything is finished, wash the area well to avoid irritation with the soap residue.

Apply beard oil

You will need something slippery to be able to shave accurately. The trick is in beard oil, rather than a soap, as it glides over the skin and will soften the hair. It also has a transparent texture, which will make it easier for you to see where the razor slides and to avoid bad cuts, which are not very pleasant underneath.

Pull the skin to stretch it

This applies to both the electric trimmer and the safety razor. The skin must be stretched so that it is smooth and easy to depilate. This will prevent creases and ripples from getting stuck between the teeth of the trimmer or the blade of the safety razor.

Take it easy

You don’t have to be in a hurry when you shave down there. Take your time and keep your hands calm. If you cut yourself you will have to avoid sexual intercourse for a few days.

Rinse off with cold water

Once you’re done, rinse off with cold water. This routine is meant to close the pores and reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.

Apply an aftershave balm

Once finished and dried, apply a generous layer of aftershave balm to refresh the skin and protect it from the growth of bacteria. Also, nourish the skin around, and prevent irritation and burning even from rubbing and the ideal is an aftershave, soothing and calming.

Apply lotion every day to keep hair smooth

Getting rid of the fuzz is only half the effort. It is in fact necessary to keep the skin smooth by using a daily refreshing lotion, to counteract (bad) smelling bacteria and prevent irritation.

Make sure you have the right products in your beauty case

Don’t think that hair removal lasts forever, you must remember that you are more at risk of chafing and inflammation as grandmothers say, if there is a reason for hair and for this you will have to use ad hoc products. Like a special intimate cleanser, and an antimicrobial oil that neutralizes bacteria and fungi (and that perhaps slows down the growth of the hair itself for a few days).

This article was originally published on GQ (Italian Edition)

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