Selfie-taking chocolate bunnies are coming this Easter :-: Metro

Selfie-taking chocolate bunnies are coming this Easter
(Picture: R. M. Palmer)

If you’re one of those people who loves to moan about millennials who can’t look up from their phones, this may enrage you to the point of combustion.

Candy makers R.M. Palmer have announced that next Easter, they’ll be selling Selfie Bunnies.

Yes, these are hollow chocolate rabbits decorated to look like they’re taking selfies on tiny chocolate phones. This is Easter now. Enjoy it.

There are two bunnies on offer. One is wearing a blue shirt (gotta get in those markets of gender, am I right) and holding a phone at a low angle – which we assume means he’s applying filters to his selfie, writing a caption, or is seriously bad at taking selfies.

The other is wearing pink, and is smiling into a phone held aloft to avoid the appearance of a chocolatey double chin. A wise selfie-taking bunny.

Selfie-taking chocolate bunnies are coming this Easter
(Picture: R. M. Palmer)

Neither bunny appears to be wearing trousers, so clearly they are employing the classic ‘I only have to dress up my top half if I angle my camera correctly’ approach.

Now, you may be outraged not only by the existence of selfie-taking chocolate bunny, but by how early we’re talking about Easter.

Do not blame us – R.M. Palmer is just trying to get ahead of the curve and announce their plans before countless other chocolate companies launch their tech-dependent chocolate animals.

Selfie-taking chocolate bunnies are coming this Easter
(Picture: R. M. Palmer)

What better way to mark a religious holiday than devouring a chocolate rabbit in the grips of selfie-taking addiction, right?

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After you’re done eating the bunny, you can take inspiration from its ways by taking selfies with the cutout props – carrots and glasses – provided in the box.

If you’re keen to get hold of your own chocolate selfie-taking bun buns, keep an eye on the R.M. Palmer online store. They should be launching early in 2018.

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