5 Best electric broom of 2023 for your home

The search for the best electric brooms is no longer a matter reserved for a few brands specialized in the world of cleaning and cooking. The advent of Dyson and the cyclonic vacuum cleaner has injected a lot of technology even into one of the most mistreated appliances in the whole house. Thus, in a few years, we have gone from large and bulky models with wire and towable bags to super-powerful little jewels that are emptied with a click, run on batteries and can even the powder with the laser sight and the result has been a peak of competition for the British company, above all from a series of companies with a tech soul, but adapted for the world of cleaning.

Where is the game played on the best electric brooms? Primarily on the price, and there is no rain on this. Then there are many variables to take into consideration, especially evaluating the use we aim for, do we need a versatile vacuum cleaner that also becomes a handheld or handheld vacuum cleaner? Do we want a model designed for pets? Or do we choose an economic electric broom with enough autonomy to clean the whole house?

By putting together the suction power, the weight and noise of the appliance, the battery life and the accessories included in the package such as the Hepa filter, i.e. a specific high-efficiency filtration system, we tried to find a response to all possible needs, choosing the best electric brooms to buy now depending on your budget.

Dyson V15 Detect – The best electric broom of 2023

Dyson’s latest top-of-the-range features laser and acoustic dust detection which is normally invisible to the naked eye a built-in LCD display, so the user knows how much dust the vacuum cleaner has removed and new anti-tangle technology achieved by redesigning the mini turbo brush and the high torque brush. The first is equipped with a new anti-tangle conical roller which, through a spiral movement, collects the hair inside the container, to prevent them from tangling around the roller. The second hour has 56 polycarbonate teeth and looks like a comb. It is light (weighs 3.1 kilos) and with average noise (78 decibels) but does not stand out in terms of autonomy (60 minutes), but if you want the best in terms of cleanliness this is the number one choice

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner G10 – the model that best balances quality and price

The penultimate Xiaomi model has nothing to envy to Dyson in terms of power, autonomy and silence which roughly coincide. However, it has fewer accessories and a decidedly less iconic look and the package costs less than half and there is also the possibility of using it as a floor cleaner thanks to the head included in the package and the magnetic water tank that allows you to vacuum and wash everything with a single pass. If you were looking for a model to buy for less than 300 euros among the best electric brooms.

Amazon Basics – the cheapest choice

The brand of the e-commerce giant offers you a good model of cordless electric broom, with good suction power (150W) and a decent autonomy of 45 minutes. Add to that a motorized brush head that glides smoothly over hard floors and carpets, a featherweight 2.4 kilos and a multifunctional design that allows you to change brushing modes with a single click with lots of accessories included such as the lance elongated, the roller brush and much more. It won’t be the most powerful vacuum cleaner around, but it costs only €99 on AmazonIt is ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible.


Telescopic tube, Hepa filter, cyclonic motor, and bagless and with an intriguing good look, it is impossible not to mention Ariete Handy Force among the best electric brooms since you can buy it on Amazon for only €59. Where is the catch that justifies such a low price. There’s the 5-meter cable that limits your movements, but it’s a small price to pay to save a lot and have an excellent vacuum cleaner at home at the lowest possible price. 


A good alternative at the low end of the market is this model from Hoover which is meant more for daily chores than weekend deep cleaning. The autonomy is 40 minutes, and the power is not exceptional but the possibility of removing the dirt container (0.9 liters) without a bag is a great fortune.


Another valid alternative is the Proscenic P11 Smart which is able to put together a lot of power, a good variety of accessories and an acceptable autonomy of one hour of suction. At a cost of €239 on Amazon it is among the best economic electric brooms around.

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